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About Us

About Us

Dubai FDI has the expertise, resources and knowledge to ensure that investors and businesses have a smooth journey to success

Dubai FDI, part of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, provides essential information and invaluable support to foreign businesses looking to invest in Dubai’s thriving economy and take advantage of its global strategic importance.

As the geographic and economic lynchpin of the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, worldwide investors see Dubai as a vital element of their operations and for small and medium enterprises Dubai is the perfect location for new initiatives.

Dubai FDI guides, advises and provides practical help on all aspects of business decisions and management, from determining the best legal structures to identifying investment opportunities and introducing a vast network of government and private sector contacts. From planning to implementation and beyond, Dubai FDI has the expertise, resources and knowledge to ensure a smooth journey to commercial success.


To position Dubai on a global stage as a business opportunity for new initiatives and an essential base for successful business.


To support, stimulate and sustain foreign investment in Dubai and ensure all ventures are consistently managed with commitment and dedication.