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What the company does?

UPS (NYSE:UPS) is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including transporting packages and freight; facilitating international trade, and deploying advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business. UPS is the world's largest package delivery company offering an extensive range of services to enable the movement of goods, information and funds across the globe.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide and employs more than 444,000 people worldwide to make the delivery of 18.3 million packages and documents per day possible.

UPS has been in the region since 1988, with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and Africa (ISMEA) region is the largest UPS region in terms of geography with over 70 active countries. UAE is an important emerging market as well as the global cornerstone for commerce in the region for economic growth.

UPS is committed to streamlining and maximizing the supply chain's full potential by investing in emerging markets enabling customers to achieve their growth potential and reach a global network. Many of our customers are not in these markets today and so UPS facilitates this process, providing solutions to the challenges and obstacles faced when entering new markets. UPS provides the transportation and distribution infrastructure along with trade and regulatory compliance expertise to move products quickly and compliantly around the world.

Why did UPS choose Dubai?

The UAE enjoys a strategic location on the new Southern Silk Road between Asia, Europe and Africa, a situation that provides optimum trading conditions and means the UAE is poised to take advantage of economic activity among the world's fastest growing and developing economies as part of the 'South-South' trade trajectory. UPS is investing in capabilities to expand its footprint in Middle East to support trade with other regions such as Africa, India, Asia and the Americas. UPS's expansion strategy is rooted in helping its customers meet their local, regional and global ambitions.

On the humanitarian front, Dubai has become a key location to preposition supplies for the humanitarian organizations. From the UAE, UPS supports its humanitarian partners by providing crucial aid to help maintain the health. In 2014, The UPS Foundation provided over $10 million in humanitarian relief funding for disaster response, recovery and emergency preparedness, and coordinated 350 humanitarian shipments across 50 countries.

Describe the support you have received by Dubai FDI

The Dubai FDI has worked with UPS since 2014 offering its recognized expertise and knowledge on all aspects of business structuring throughout the UAE. Understanding UPS's commitment to its customers to deliver superior logistics solutions with an exceptional service performance within the small package and supply chain solution industry, the Dubai FDI provided the necessary support and cooperation in revising UPS's business organization and operations throughout the UAE. Through its network with numerous governmental authorities the Dubai FDI was able to work closely with UPS to put in place a sustainable business structure with a platform for growth.