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Free Zones
Free Zones
Dubai was the first emirate to pioneer the free zone model, offering foreign businesses attractive concessions and a number of investment incentives, including​ 100 percent ownership of a subsidiary and zero taxation.

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Strategic Sectors
Strategic Sectors
Dubai's thriving economy welcomes with open arms and supports with hands-on help all international business, from sole proprietors to multi-national corporations. And the time has never been better to invest...

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As Dubai diversifies its economy and continues to invest heavily in its non-oil sectors, manufacturing has become one of the Emirate's most valuable assets. Low operational costs and import and export incentives drive the industry towards year on year growth, making vast contributions to Dubai's GDP.


The vast range of manufacturing and production facilities in Dubai, from auto parts and bottling plants to furniture and refrigerators means that overseas manufacturers can take advantage of Dubai's low costs and location to enter or expand into the Middle East. The city's superb logistics infrastructure enables companies to import raw materials from any of their chosen suppliers and export their products to anywhere in the world with ease, efficiency and affordability.


Manufacturing accounts for 8% of Dubai's total workforce, with annual industrial production estimated at approximately Dh200 billion. More importantly for foreign investors, the UAE Minister of Economy His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori said in March 2012 that the government expects the UAE's manufacturing industry to nearly double its contribution to the nation's GDP, reaching 25% within the next 15 years.


With Dubai's world class export infrastructure at the heart of this strategy, overseas companies are set to capitalize on what may well be one of the Emirate's fastest growing sectors.​

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