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 Information Technology

Free Zones
Free Zones
Dubai was the first emirate to pioneer the free zone model, offering foreign businesses attractive concessions and a number of investment incentives, including​ 100 percent ownership of a subsidiary and zero taxation.

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Strategic Sectors
Strategic Sectors
Dubai's thriving economy welcomes with open arms and supports with hands-on help all international business, from sole proprietors to multi-national corporations. And the time has never been better to invest...

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As the ever-evolving landscape of business technology continues to reach new levels of sophistication, Dubai strives to not only keep pace, but also drive the industry.


Ranked number one among Arab countries by the World Economic Forum in 2011, the UAE is at the forefront of information and communication technology in the Middle East, with Dubai at the heart of the innovation, development and application of ICT.


Foreign investment coupled with Government support continues to make huge strides in technology, with remarkable results.  The UAE is listed as fifth in the world for company-wide adoption of technology, third in the world for Government spending on advanced technical products and is the world leader for mobile phone subscription per capita.


Technology and connectivity have become a primary focus for Dubai and the city's continual efforts to attract the best ICT professionals and businesses make it a prime destination for the most influential industry leaders. Many of the most illustrious technology companies are already well established in Dubai, particularly in the Dubai Internet City free zone, and investors looking to start new ventures or expand existing concerns recognize Dubai as the lynchpin of IT services across the region.​

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