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Free Zones
Free Zones
Dubai was the first emirate to pioneer the free zone model, offering foreign businesses attractive concessions and a number of investment incentives, including​ 100 percent ownership of a subsidiary and zero taxation.

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Strategic Sectors
Strategic Sectors
Dubai's thriving economy welcomes with open arms and supports with hands-on help all international business, from sole proprietors to multi-national corporations. And the time has never been better to invest...

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The quality of healthcare in Dubai is widely recognized as the best in the Middle East, drawing medical experts, specialists and mentors from across the world. The eminent surgeons, doctors, nursing staff and other medical professionals based at the unique Dubai Healthcare City free zone consistently set new benchmarks of excellence have instigated ground breaking initiatives that are now practiced throughout the industry.


University partners from the world's most respected medical institutes ensure the level of education and research at Dubai Healthcare City is second to none and that the Emirate is home to the most sensitive, technically advanced and effective care available.


With pioneering technology and industry best practice, Dubai not only attracts leading practitioners, but also has a thriving healthcare tourism industry, with patients travelling thousands of miles for world class treatment and dentistry.


Medical research and development also plays an important role for overseas investors. Dubai's Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech) is a state of the art R&D facility which is home to many renowned global pharmaceutical organizations that have now formed the BioWorld Consortium.


Fast track licensing and visa procedures ensure that DuBiotech is the perfect opportunity for startup businesses and global corporations to begin laboratory research and commercialization immediately.​

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